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Termite Prevention from City of Industry, California

Morgan Termite Control, Inc., in City of Industry, California, is the reliable termite control agency to call when looking for termite prevention, remediation, and wood repairs.
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Termite Fumigation Alternatives

Not everyone is comfortable with fumigation treatments in their home or business. With Morgan Termite Control, Inc., you don't have to worry about enduring lengthy fumigation treatments or leftover residue. Our technicians use the foam-based chemical, Timbor®, to treat for termites.

Our process works by drilling small holes into the walls and spraying the foam between the voids in the studs. The treatment is 1 of the most-effective and least invasive methods for exterminating any existing termites, as well as preventing further nests for years to come.
Termites—termite prevention in City of Industry, Califormia

Subterranean Termite Treatments

Termites and termite infestations can cause unimaginable damage to your home or business if left unattended. Whether you are looking to fend off termites or want to ensure your home is completely secure from them, our subterranean termite treatments will provide you and your home security and peace of mind.

Using advanced techniques and drilling methods, our technicians are able to inject treatment chemicals into the ground, below the home, or beneath the foundation, killing any existing termite nests and colonies, as well as providing a lasting barrier precluding nests from forming.
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Home Repairs

When you are looking for a professional home repair contractor employing the best craftsmen in the business, look no further. Our experienced crew can make repairs to the wood at your home and business, to make the structure as secure as possible. Whether you need interior floors or walls, wood patio, exterior siding, or fascia repairs you can place your faith in us.
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